Design & Development
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Who Are We
My name is Akeem; I am a New York based software developer. I like to create things, deceivingly simple things. GreyProduce is my brainchild; it started out in 2008 as a grouping for my projects and has since grown into a consultancy and a way to share my work, thoughts, and vision with you.

creativity is first and foremost. Let's work on something amazing!

What Do We Do
We provide software development for a number of needs, using the following languages: ruby, ruby on rails, java, c#, We also design for the web, in particular using: html, css, and javascript. We are always open to more, let us know what you need!
tuningmajority is a major project at the moment, it is a blog that focuses on automotive tuning parts as they are released.
twitajob a service dedicated to providing you with upto date job listing based on twitter data.
We are currently working on a few articles for you.